Webinar Replay: Working Faster in 360 Post & VFX for Editors

May 9, 2018

In this webinar, 360° editors will see the power and speed of the Continuum VR Unit.

This event was presented inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. However, the Continuum VR Unit techniques you’ll see can be used across all available host applications.


  • Get a basic understanding of the tools available in Premiere and After Effects for 360° mono and stereo workflows
  • Discover how the 5 Continuum VR filters — VR Blur, VR Flicker Fixer, VR Sharpen, VR Insert, and VR Reorient — complement the Adobe workflow and even expand on how you work with 360° footage
  • How to work with Continuum VR’s presets cross-platform for major time-saving benefits
  • Bonus! How to use Mocha VR to solve tracking and stabilization challenges you might have thought were impossible

The Presenter
Nick Harauz is an Apple, Adobe and Avid Certified Trainer. He has an uncanny ability to engage his students and create a level of relatedness that keeps them coming back for more. Since 2002, Nick also works with domestic and international brands offering video production and motion graphic services. He has worked with clients such as Proctor and Gamble and Virgin Mobile. Currently, Nick is working on his first feature film entitled Lost and Found. You can find some of his online training on both Lynda and Creative Cloud Learn.