Webinar Replay: Mocha for Beauty Work

November 17, 2014

This 1.45 hr training webinar was recorded on Nov 12, 2014. Covers in-depth
examples of using Mocha’splanar tracked spline shapes for digital
retouching and beauty work. Footage courtesy
of:stockfootage.com Topics Covered:

  • Planar Tracking tips for tracking faces and skin
  • Linking Splines
  • Open Splines (requires Mocha Pro 4.1 or Mocha Plus 4.1)
  • Warping techniques for Adobe After Effects and NUKE users
  • Plug-ins for warping and morphing: Re:Flex from revisionfx.com
  • Stabilize Pre-Compose for paint and clean up with MochaImport+
  • Removing Blemishes and more