Webinar: Digital Makeup & Retouching with Mocha and Adobe After Effects

June 27, 2013

This live 1.5 hrs training event with Imagineer Systems' product specialist
Mary Poplin was recorded on May 26, 2013. In this webinar Mary Poplin, covers
tips and techniques for digital makeup using Mocha’s planar tracking and After
Effects for compositing. Many of the techniques covered will be useful for
“any” compositing program including: Flame, Smoke, Nuke, Fusion and more.
Topics Include: Planar Tracking for Beauty Work Blemish Removal & skin
smoothing Object Remove Module and clean plates Insert Module with Gridwarp
Blending Clean-Plates with Original Plates Time saving techniques For more
videos and information on Mocha products, please visit us: Mocha-Pro.com