Webinar: 3D Camera Solving in Mocha v3

May 22, 2013

This live 1.5 hrs training event with Imagineer Systems' product manager
Martin Brennand was captured on May 22nd. In this advanced webinar, Martin
Brennand covered the core concepts of Mocha’s planar tracking, 3D camera
solving and explained the finishing workflow to export and use Mocha v3’s
“planar cloud” data in applications like After Effects, Nuke, Smoke, Cinema
4D, HitFilm and more. Topics Include: • Planar Tracking vs Feature Tracking -
understanding the surface. • Basic 3D camera solve • Understanding PTZ, Small
Parallax and Large Parallax • Exporting camera data to After Effects and FBX.
• Advanced solve techniques • Using your solve data. • Moving object solves.
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