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Tutorial: Tip Bundle 02

April 29, 2013

Imagineer Systems Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you though some of the daily Mocha tips we’ve been posting to Twitter and Facebook. Learn more about planar motion tracking, rotoscoping and visual effects! (If you missed the previous tip bundle, go here: Tips covered in this bundle: 4. The remove tool in Mocha Pro needs 2 layers: A foreground mask for the object you want to remove, and a tracked background shape. (Footage Courtesy of Clip: MF-FH100-93 from Media Fuel) 5. Check that your frame rate and aspect ratio match between Mocha and your other software! Tracks may drift if they are different. 6. If you have to add extra frames to the start of your shot, go to the dope sheet to select all your keys and move them forward. You can check out the daily tips here: Or here: We always post under #Mochatips