Remove person from any video with Mocha Pro

March 20, 2018

Want to learn a method for removing a person from a video?

Watch this tutorial to find out how you can remove a person from a moving video using the Mocha Pro Remove Module. Then, stay tuned to see various ways you can use the incredible VFX effects in Sapphire and Continuum.

Download the project file and footage

The Schedule

2:46 - The Mocha Pro Remove Module

16:00 - Rotoscoping in Mocha Pro

20:01 - Mocha Pro Remove Layer Fix

20:54 - Creating The Dissolve VFX

22:47 - Glow Edge with Sapphire s_RainbowGlow

28:33 - Disintegration Particles with the BCC Particle Emitter 3D

34:15 - Dealing With Camera Movement

37:06 - Tractor Beam with Sapphire s_Aurora

42:01 - Auto Tracking Flares