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Mocha Tutorial: Tip Bundle 04

October 31, 2013

Imagineer Systems Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you though some of the daily Mocha tips we’ve been posting to Twitter and Facebook. Learn more about planar motion tracking, rotoscoping and visual effects! (If you missed the previous tip bundle, go here: Tips covered in this bundle: 10. Rather than track and roto with the same shape, it can be better to track a shape, then link a refined roto to the tracked layer. 11. Pan (X) and Zoom (Z) are your friends when doing roto. You can get in close and move around without having to close the shape. 12. If your layer is not moving when you paste transform data into After Effects, you may need to remove the Anchor Point keys. You can check out the daily tips here: Or here: We always post under #Mochatips