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Mocha Tutorial: planar tracking and camera solver with After Effects, Plexus and AE scripts

December 1, 2013

Planar tracking, masking & 3D camera solving. In this tutorial, Mary Poplin uses Mocha Pro and After Effects to design a dynamic animated, tracked graphic. She uses Mocha Pro for camera solve and object tracking in 3D, which can then be exported to After Effects to drive the Plexus particle plug-in. This tutorial features Mocha Pro, After Effects and Plexus Note: Mocha AE v3 can be used as well More info on Plexus at aescripts + aeplugins: AE scripts: Separate_Masks_in_Layers.jsx NullSwapper_v1_5.jsxbin Footage courtesy of Artbeats - Royalty Free Stock Footage