Mocha Pro: The Insert Module

July 9, 2014

Quickly align clips into your shot with Grid Warp and Motion Blur.

The Insert module allows you to choose the image you would like to insert into your tracked layer, and then moves that image along with your track directly inside of Mocha. You can import a still frame, moving sequence, or a movie, and then align the clip using the surface tool. Once imported, the Insert module provides a comprehensive range of tools for matching this new image to the original background layer. The goal here, naturally, is to make the newly imported image look like it was in the original shot all along. The insert module allows you to render inserts with Motion Blur that is based on the tracking data inside of Mocha. You can adjust the amount of blur by simply increasing or decreasing the amount of blur Mocha creates. The insert module also has various other animated blur tools to match other types of blur, such as focus blurs.

The insert module comes with a powerful Warp tool, this means you can use a mesh warp to distort your insert according to the contours of any object in Mocha. This is especially useful if you have to insert something that does not look completely planar, like a t-shirt logo.

When used along with the lens tool, Mocha’s insert module allows you to see exactly what your insert will look like in distorted footage before you finish your comp. You can render an insert out of Mocha with it’s own alpha channel, or you can export your tracking data to your final comp as you see fit.

The insert module is only found in Mocha Pro