Mocha Pro: Stabilize Module

June 1, 2016

Stabilize camera movement or moving objects based on planar motion tracking.
Smooth high frequency jitters while maintaining camera motion. Lock down shots
for visual effects work. Center, Scale or Crop stabilized footage based on
user driven planar tracking.


Stabilize Select Parameters: X, Y, rotation, scale, shear and perspective

Smooth with Fixed Frame Anchors: Select which frames should be locked vs

Export Stabilized Keyframes Render Footage: Render stabilized footage for use
in any system.

AutoFill Render: Automatically fills the frame without having to scale up a
stabilized shot.

New in Mocha Pro 5, OpenCL GPU accelerated tracking gives significant speed
enhancements on supported HW.

Also new in Mocha Pro 5 is the plug-in option for Adobe, Avid and coming soon