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Webinar: Mocha Pro for Autodesk Flame & Smoke Users

March 13, 2014

Imagineer Systems hosted a free online training event covering Mocha Pro’s planar tracking, roto and VXF utility tools for Flame & Smoke users. Presented by Imagineer Systems and special guest artist, Joel Osis. Topics Include: What is planar tracking and deciding when to use it Planar Tracking for screen inserts & difficult tracks Roto Masking & Gmask import 3D Camera Solve module & FBX import And Live Questions & Answers About the Instructor: Joel Osis is currently Senior Flame Artist at 567vfx in Toronto, Canada. Prior to that he was the Lead Compositor at Engine in Sydney, Australia. You may also know him from his free tutorial sites and About Our Webinars Imagineer is committed to providing new and useful training options for Mocha users. We offer monthly webinars, free video tutorials & purchasable training products. Webinars are presented live and attendees can ask questions and get direct feedback via text chat. If you have specific training topic feature requests or feedback, please email us: