Mocha 5.6 Point Release

February 9, 2018

Mocha 5.6 is a free point release for all owners of Mocha Pro or Mocha VR.

While stereoscopic workflows are the main new feature, We’d like to share a few important features and fixes relevant to Mocha Pro owners.

View Mocha 5.6 Release Notes:

New Features in mocha Pro 5.6.0: Stereo Support in the Plugin: Most of the plugins now support Stereo, Top/Bottom and Left/Right stereo views. AVX plugins support Top/Bottom and Left/Right.

Top/Bottom and Left/Right support in Standalone: the standalone version now supports Top/Bottom and Left/Right stereo modes

Plugin Auto-save: Plugin versions now save a backup of your file at intervals in just in case the host has a problem or you forget to save! Save the last used Mocha project Open and Export locations: No more tedious hunting for the same directory 100 times!

Many bug fixes.