Getting Started with Mocha – 08 – Rotoscoping Basics

March 9, 2017

*** Updated for Version 5 and Adobe plug-in workflows. ***

Need to get up-and-running quickly with Mocha? Ben Brownlee, VFX artist and master trainer (Curious Turtle), guides Mocha users through the basics of Mocha’s powerful tools.

An in-depth overview of basic rotoscoping in Mocha Pro. This tutorial will give you the tools to get started with roto projects using Mocha’s tracking data as a driver to speed up the task.

00:37 / X-splines vs Bezier splines

06:37 / Using the Viewer tools makes it easy to check your masks

11:30 / Organic roto with X-splines

21:34 / Edges, edge softness and motion blur

25:10 / Exporting and using our shape data

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