Getting Started with Mocha – 06 – Using the Tracking Data

March 9, 2017

*** Updated for Version 5 and Adobe plug-in workflows. ***

Need to get up-and-running quickly with Mocha? Ben Brownlee, VFX artist and master trainer (Curious Turtle), guides Mocha users through the basics of Mocha’s powerful tools.

Now we have tracked our footage in Mocha Pro, it’s time to use this data. We look at getting the data out of Mocha into multilple host applications. We also see a couple of caveats and how to manipulate the data prior to export.

00:40 / Quick differences in Mocha Pro plug-in and standalone versions

02:05 / What are we exporting?

04:41 / Offsetting the tracking data

05:44 / Understanding the different types of corner pin exports and how to use them

09:19 / Rendering directly in the host using the Mocha Pro plug-in filter

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