BCC Fundamentals: 011 – Applying Mocha tracking data to BCC Corner Pin

September 20, 2015

** BCC Fundamentals ** is a new training series hosted by Ben Brownlee of  Curious Turtle  designed to help you quickly and easily get up-and-running with Boris Continuum Complete. 

** Chapter 011 – Applying Mocha tracking data to BCC Corner Pin **

  • Setting up the timeline to use BCC Corner Pin
  • Exporting appropriate tracking data from ** Mocha **
  • Applying & tweaking the effect to finish the shot

** Learn more about Boris Continuum Complete plug-ins!  ** The BCC Fundamentals training series is presented in the Avid Media Composer interface, however the training is also applicable for the following hosts:

For more great training videos, please visit:  https://borisfx.com/training/videos/