BCC 9 New Transitions in Premiere Pro CC

May 19, 2014

Eran Stern (Stern FX) gives you a shot-by-shot breakdown of a 30-second travel/tourism spot. You’ll see the original piece without filters, then rebuild it with BCC in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Find out what his favorite new transitions are, how easy the single-track auto-animating transitions are to apply (drag & drop!), and how to adjust ease-in and ease-out using the HUD (heads-up display). In addition, BCC Lens Correction quickly gets rid of the fish eye distortion of the Go Pro footage within seconds.

Filters used: BCC 3 Way Color Grade , BCC Blur Dissolv , BCC Film Glow Dissolve , BCC Flutter Cut , BCC Lens Correction , BCC Lens Flare Dissolve , BCC Magic Sharp , BCC Rays Dissolve , BCC Tritone Dissolve , BCC Vignette Wipe

Music: Courtesy Premium Beat
Footage by Tzachi Asher