BCC 9 New Transitions in Premiere Pro CC

May 19, 2014

Eran Stern (Stern FX) gives you a shot-by-shot breakdown of a 30-second
travel/tourism spot. You’ll see the original piece without filters, then
rebuild it with BCC 9 in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Find out what his favorite
new transitions are, how easy the single-track auto-animating transitions are
to apply (drag & drop!), and how to adjust ease-in and ease-out using the
HUD (heads-up display). In addition, BCC Lens Correction
gets rid of the fish eye distortion of the Go Pro footage within seconds.

Filters used: BCC 3 Way Color Grade , BCC Blur Dissolv
e, BCC Film
Glow Dissolve

, BCC Flutter Cut , BCC Lens Correction , BCC Lens Flare Dissolve
, BCC Magic
BCC Rays Dissolve , BCC Tritone Dissolve , BCC Vignette Wipe

Music: Courtesy Premium Beat
Footage by Tzachi Asher