Enhance your work with textures, gradients, cloud, sky, and lightning effects with the Sapphire Render Unit. Priced at $295.00 for a single, multi-host permanent license.

Highlighted Effects Include:

Aurora - Generates a two colored swirl of light along a user controlled spline reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

Caustics - Simulates the patterns created when light rays are reflected or refracted by a curved surface.

Grunge - Add natural textural elements to dirty up a shot.

Zap - Create photorealistic lighting with this versatile tool.

Luna - Create photorealistic renderings of the moon that feature accurate lunar cycles.

NightSky - Create accurate star-fields by inputting date, time, and location.

MuzzleFlash - Simulates the flash and smoke that is generated when a gun is fired.

TextureFlux - Create abstract textures of fluctuating liquid or cellular patterns.

TextureFolded - Create an abstract texture resembling folded cloth or liquid that can be animated.

TextureTiles - Create animated backgrounds and textures from geometric patterns.

Clouds - Generate a noise texture that recreates the look of clouds to enhance or replace skies.

Gradient - Quickly create a smooth color gradient, which can be combined with the background clip.

GradientMulti - Generate a quick and easy multiple color gradient.

GradientRadial - Generate a quick and easy circular color gradient.

Sparkles - Create a field of sparkling glint effects.

See the list of all the effects included

Read the Sapphire Units FAQ here


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