Highlighted Effects Include:

Distort - Warp the source clip to generate optical glass-like effects.

Shake - Shake your video on the x, y, and z axis in three different styles: twitchy, jumpy, and standard.

WarpCornerPin - Performs a 3D perspective warp of the source image to align the corners with the four indicated points.

WarpPerspective - Transforms the source clip onto a 3D plane with perspective.

WarpChroma - Separate your footage into multi-colored bands and warp them by different amounts.

InfiniteZoom - Zoom into a repeating copy of an image to create looks such as endless hallways or downward spirals.

DistortChroma - Generate optical glass-like effects as if an image were viewed through a textured prism.

DistortRGB - Separate and warp the red, green, and blue color channels of an image.

ZBlur - Adjust the depth of field of 3D modeled objects and scenes without having to re-render from a 3D application.

ZDefocus - Adjust the depth of field of 3D modeled objects with defocused lens properties.

See the list of all the effects included

Read the Sapphire Units FAQ here


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