You need the right tools to deliver the highest quality projects. Make greatness happen by pairing Sapphire or Continuum with the Mocha Pro plug-in for Adobe, Avid and OFX.

You first heard of Mocha AE (bundled with Adobe After Effects since CS4). Now, a lite version of Mocha’s Academy Award-winning tracking toolset is integrated inside almost every Sapphire and Continuum filter, making it easy to isolate effects without leaving your timeline. But this is just the beginning of Mocha’s capabilities.

Mocha Pro is the professional’s choice for advanced visual effects and “invisible” clean up work, such as removing unwanted objects, match-moving realistic screen inserts and superior camera stabilization. Mocha Pro can render final shots OR export and share tracking, roto, 3D camera solves and lens data - creating a cross-host workflow like no other.

See what you’re missing out on below. And, get a peek into how post-production houses like Slice Post up their game by using Mocha Pro alongside Continuum and Sapphire.

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“Mocha Pro’s Remove Module is one of the top features that set it apart from its bundled counterparts.” - Lester Banks, VFX Artist

Often described as “content aware on steroids” or “voodoo magic”, Mocha Pro’s Remove Module is a unique alternative to traditional clone, paint and frame by frame techniques. Designed to get rid of unwanted pixels, objects and shadows, the Remove Model automates advanced compositing tasks into a few simple clicks.

Choose Mocha Pro’s Remove Module for the difficult shots - removing wires and stunt harnesses, cleaning up backgrounds, removing actors and logos, advanced digital makeup and general clean plating.

View it in action! Learn how the Remove Module complements Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Vegas Pro and more.


“Mocha Pro is essential for our screen replacements…it just works!”. - Phil Spitler, Bonfire Labs

Screen inserts are Mocha Pro’s bread and butter. Mocha’s planar tracking and spline based layer system can solve the most difficult tracking challenges - including shots with heavy reflections, shots that go out of focus or move offscreen. The Insert Module can render accurate match moves with lens correction, realistic motion blur and optional mesh-warp distortion tool.

Quit tip! To interact with Continuum and Sapphire on your timeline, the Insert Module can render an RGBA cutout pass to allow additional lighting and looks filters to be applied.

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“My productivity has increased by hours using the Mocha Pro plug-in…turns hours of work into minutes” - Brady Bretzel, Post-Perspective

Historically a standalone application, Mocha Pro can now be applied as a plug-in option directly in your favorite editing or effects host. Paired with Sapphire and Continuum, Mocha Pro delivers ultimate control for your creative post work.

Plug-in Support For:
Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro
Avid Media Composer
Foundry NUKE
Blackmagic Design Fusion
Vegas Pro and HitFilm


Don’t believe the hype or the awards? Learn how our customers have been using Mocha Pro in feature films, broadcast television, commercials and more. View Customer Testimonials.

“My secret is that I have Mocha Pro, Continuum and Sapphire right there. Having all three programs together is great”. - David Latt, The Asylum Read the article.



Planar Motion TrackingSapphire & Continuum include a "lite" version of Mocha's tools set, used to track masks for effects isolation and drive popular filters such as blurs, glows, looks and skin smoothing. Planar tracking in Sapphire & Continuum can not be exported in native host formats.1  

Mocha Pro's planar tracking can be exported in a wide variety of native formats to support most systems and is used internally to drive render modules such as Insert, Stabilize Remove and Camera Solve.
Roto & MaskingSapphire & Continuum's Mocha masking can be used within each filter for effects isolation or saved to file and imported into other Sapphire or Continuum filters.

Mocha Pro's roto & masking tools can render mattes or RGBA cutouts to timeline or exported to file. Mask data can be exported in a wide variety of native data to support most systems. Masks can be rendered with motion blur and variable, per-point edge feathering.
Screen Inserts Continuum has point tracking for corner pinned screen inserts.

Mocha Pro has advanced planar tracking designed for difficult screen inserts. Advanced layer system and AdjustTrack Module are designed to solve tracking shots that make point trackers fail.

Render screen inserts with calibrated lens distortion (Lens Module), motion blur and mesh warping tools..  
Object Removal, Image Restoration & Beauty WorkContinuum's Image Restoration Unit contains multiple filters to fix footage such as BCC Remover, Beauty Studio, Lens Correction, Pixel Fixer, Magic Sharp and more. Sapphire has S_Beauty, S_Deband and more.

Mocha Pro's Remove Module has unique tools for object removal & clean plating based on temporal frame analysis and illumination matching. The Remove Module is a more advanced tool (compared to BCC Remover) but can effectively accomplish more difficult object and wire removal shots with naturalist lighting compensation.  
Image StabilizationContinuum has a high quality BCC Optical Stabilizer for image stabilization and smoothing. Filter is designed to automate stabilization with little user intervention. Render back to host.

Mocha Pro has a Stabilization Module that is driven by layer system and requires more user interaction. Stabilize Module can lockdown or stabilize based on user defined section of the screen. Stabilization can be rendered with AutoFill edge feature or stabilized tracking data can be exported in a wide variety of native data.
3D Camera Solver Mocha Pro contains a 3D Camera Solver Module that can generate animated camera data axis/nulls for 3D compositing. Exports native After Effects camera and nulls and FBX format to support NUKE, Fusion, C4D, Maya and more.

3D Camera Data from Mocha pro can be used to drive Continuum 3D Objects and Particles inside supported host applications that have a 3D camera workspace such as After Effects.
360/VRContinuum contains the VR Unit. 5 filters designed for 360 video post, including VR Blur, Insert, Reorient, Shapren and Flicker Fixer.

Mocha has the Mocha VR option. Fully optimized for spherical 360 tracking, masking, object removal and stabilization in mono and stereoscopic formats.
Motion Graphics, Looks & Stylization Continuum and Sapphire both offer hundreds of options for motion graphics and creative finishing including tools for 3D Objects, Lights, Looks, Styles and more.  Both tools include the Lite version of Mocha for effects isolation and to drive general effects placement.

Mocha Pro's planar tracking and masking tools can be used to drive motion graphics and creative effects, but do not contain any filters. Together Continuum, Sapphire and Mocha Pro can be combined for unlimited editing, compositing, motion graphics and finishing capabilities.

1On Autodesk Flame, Sapphire includes the S_Mocha spark that can export native corner pin tracking data and Gmask data to use in Flame.