The Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to mocha Pro

December 15, 2011
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Mocha Pro is our top of the line software!

We have a new video for you guys! 

In my last post, I commented about how surprising it is that many of you potential mocha users out there don’t know you have our software installed on your computers with After Effects CS4, CS5, and CS5.5. This post, I want to tell you that anyone who has our software already is eligible for a deep discount to upgrade to our high end software, mocha Pro, just from having our mocha AE software already! In fact, older licenses of any imagineer systems software, like mochamonetmokey, and motor are all available to be upgraded to mocha Pro as well. All our best features from mochamonetmokey, and motor were combined in 2010 into the mocha Pro software we ship today. 

Think of mocha Pro as our “all-in-one-swiss-army-knife-of-vfx-amazingness”. We have a list of the features and differences in our software packages here, if you want more specifics than “all-in-one-swiss-army-knife-of-vfx-amazingness”.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell y’all some of my favorite features that exist in Pro. In this short video, I go over some of my favorite modules and what they do. Features like the stabilize and auto fill tools, the grid warp tool, the lens and insert tools, and (my favorite tool) the remove tool. I can’t count how many times the remove tool has helped me get a shot out the door on time when last minute paint fixes had to be done.

There’s lots of examples to check out in this video, but feel free to ping us on our forums if you have any questions. I’m pretty active on our forums, and am happy to answer any questions you have about our software. It’s especially helpful to search our forums to get a good idea of solutions that have worked for other users in the past, or see if other users can help you answer your questions. We want to build a community for you guys!

If you’re just learning mocha, be sure to check out our videos section on our website where you can find more in depth tutorials on every module we have. I’m always looking for more good ideas on what kind of tutorials to make, so if you’ve got a request, please leave it in the comments section and let us hear from you!

Thanks for watching our new video! If you need help upgrading, our sales team is happy to help!



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