New! Sapphire 2022 Now Available

November 16, 2021

Sapphire 2022 streamlines workflows with a major new host, adds a must-have creative effect, delivers 350 stunning new presets, and boosts performance speeds inside Adobe, Avid, and OFX workflows.

Now available starting at $495/year or $65/month. Learn More or Buy Now

Sapphire 2022 is a free update to customers on active subscription or support plans.

What's New in Sapphire 2022

  • Sapphire for Photoshop
  • S_ColorFuse effect
  • S_UltraZap adds Mocha splines
  • 350+ curated presets
  • 5 new lens flares + over 40 refreshed flares
  • Improved Apple M1 and Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering support
  • OCIO V2 support

Sapphire for Photoshop

Everything you love about Sapphire, you can now do inside Adobe Photoshop. FREE to 2022 users!

Color That Pops

Quickly create cinematic color grades with Sapphire's one-of-a-kind LUT effect and 50 included presets.

UltraZap Meets Ultra Tracking

Everyone's favorite electrifying effect gets even better with built-in Mocha tracking and masking.

Learn more about Sapphire and test it out yourself.


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