New! Particle Illusion 2021 Now Available with Instant 3D Emitters

January 27, 2021
tags: Blog, News

Hero image featuring 3D and lines

Everyone’s favorite FREE standalone particle generator just got way better. The new Particle Illusion 2021 release brings you major features (like 3D!) to deliver the most powerful update yet. Learn more

Already using the free standalone? Download the update!

If you own Continuum 2021, you already have access to Particle Illusion 2021.

  • New! Emit particles in 3D with just one click
  • New! Built-in 3D camera with easy-to-use controls
  • New! Create more organic movement with more turbulence controls
  • New! Connect particles with lines for fresh mograph looks
  • New! 20+ stunning drag & drop presets

Experience 3D Particle Power LIVE

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 3, at 5pm EST/10 pm UTC

Join John Dickinson, Director of Motion Graphics, as he explores Particle Illusion 2021’s newest features. Learn how to take your mograph & particle animations to new heights. Get full details & make sure to enter the Boris FX Suite giveaway!


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