New! Mocha Pro 2022: Now Available

September 14, 2021

Mocha Pro 2022

Mocha Pro 2022 features powerful new planar tracking & rotoscoping tools to help you easily knock out advanced VFX tasks inside Adobe, Avid, and OFX workflows. 

Now available starting at $295/year or $37/month. Learn More or Buy Now

Mocha Pro 2022 is a free update for customers on active subscription or support plans. 

What’s New in Mocha Pro 2022

  • Up to 40% Faster Renders: Save tons of time on screen inserts, logo/graphic replacements, organic moving surfaces like faces and skin, object removes, set extensions & digital makeup.
  • Apple M1 Support: You asked, we’re delivering. Mocha Pro 2022 takes advantage of Apple’s speedy M1 processing chip with full native support.
  • Adobe After Effects MFR Support: Excited about After Effect’s highly-anticipated multi-frame rendering (MFR) now in beta? You can rest easy knowing Mocha Pro 2022 is ready on day 1.
  • Insert Module — Now with PowerMesh: The popular Insert Module gets a serious update with the addition of PowerMesh warp tracking, 12 new composite modes, motion blur & more.
  • More Export Options: New + updated tracking and roto exports for Nuke, Silhouette, Alembic, and SGO Mistika. Streamline your workflows!

Quick Links: 

  • New Training Video: Learn how to use the new and improved Insert Module workflow driven by PowerMesh warping. Mary Poplin takes you through this quick tutorial. Watch Now
  • 20 Years of Planar Tracking! We are excited to kick off this release with a special historical tribute to planar tracking’s impact on the film and video industry. Watch Now
  • Still Learning Mocha? The Mocha Essentials training series features over 7 hrs of high-quality training. Stream it for free or purchase today to gain access to downloadable projects and assets.


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