New! Continuum 2022 Now Available

November 15, 2021

Continuum 2022 is fast, fluid, and fun! Get ready for a major new addition to Particle Illusion, behind-the-scenes updates for blazing speeds, tons of new cinematic and lighting presets, six new creative effects, and more.

Now available starting at $195/year or $25/month. Learn More or Buy Now

Continuum 2022 is a free update for customers on active subscription or support plans.

What's New in Continuum 2022

  • Particle Illusion Fluid Dynamics
  • Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering support on 350+ effects
  • Native Apple M1 support
  • 60+ movie and TV looks
  • 6 speedy blur effects, 50+ gobo presets, more
  • BCC+ adds integrated Mocha
  • Improved & streamlined PixelChooser in BCC+ effects

Particle Illusion Fluid Dynamics

Easily create complex 3D particles animations that swirl and flow with hyper-realistic movement.

Major Speed Boosts

Save tons of precious time and focus on what matters most — elevating your projects with Continuum.

Blurs In Seconds

Quickly rack focus, apply distortions, and spin thanks to 6 new fully-GPU blur effects + 80 presets.

BCC+ Gets A Trackin'

The Mocha tracking & masking you love within the rest of Continuum comes to the BCC+ effects.

Learn more about Continuum and test it out yourself.


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