Important Notice: Legacy Renewal Upgrade Policy Change

March 26, 2021
tags: Blog, News

As we prepare for our next round of major releases, we have some important news to share for all customers running older versions of Boris FX products.

Please note: Effective June 1, 2021, the following products will no longer be eligible for Boris FX Upgrade & Support Plan legacy renewals:

  • Continuum (v10 and all prior releases)
  • Sapphire (v10 and all prior releases)
  • Mocha (v5 and all prior releases)
  • Mocha VR

To thanks our loyal customers, we’re offering 15% off legacy renewals. Offer expires June 1, 2021. Discount limited to one product purchase. Use code at checkout: renew15

Legacy support: Although the aforementioned older versions will be considered “end of life,” please know that your older license will continue to function as usual (as long as the hardware to which it is licensed is operational and you are running a qualified operating system). Any manual transfers, replacements, or support inquiries will require a current upgrade and support contract.

After June 1, 2021, legacy owners who chose not to upgrade the product versions (mentioned above) will have the option to purchase new licenses at full price or choose affordably-priced subscription options.

Questions or interested in volume sales? Our sales team is happy to help!


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