Free Title Animation Presets for BCC Title Studio

January 14, 2016

BCC Title Studio is the new motion graphics and 2D/3D broadcast design plug-in from Boris FX. Located inside the BCC 10 3D Objects folder, Title Studio offer editors and artist amazing capabilities for designing simple to complex title animations, credit rolls, even the ability to import Maxon C4D models! 

In this month's free giveaway we are sharing 22 Title Studio presets. Designed for clean and crisp look, these presets can be added to your preset directory and used as a starting base for many projects. Simply edit fonts, colors, extrusions to customize to your liking. The new rigid/elastic keyframe options , means that Title Studio animations can "fit to fill" any duration in your timeline, without altering the in/out animations!

Please view the below examples video and tutorial. Enjoy! 

Download Now

Examples Video: Jan 16 Title Studio Presets

BCC Title Studio Tutorial: Editing Presets for motion graphics & lower 3rds


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