Boris FX Supports Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering, Delivers New Mocha AE

October 26, 2021

Boris FX plugins interface with After Effects Multi-Frame Rendering

Adobe has shipped a new version of After Effects featuring Multi-Frame Rendering and an updated version of Mocha AE (the free version of Mocha built right into After Effects)!

Multi-Frame Rendering enables After Effects to take advantage of multi-core CPUs for faster rendering and an improved experience when previewing complex compositions. Adobe Media Encoder also supports After Effects Multi-Frame Rendering projects, resulting in faster renders and exports. 

The good news for Boris FX customers is that we collaborated closely with Adobe and the current shipping versions of Sapphire 2021.5, Continuum 2021.5, and Mocha Pro 2022 support Multi-Frame Rendering. Our tests show significant render speed increases across all three products — and the optimization will only get better in upcoming 2022 releases. 

Initial Multi-Frame Rendering Speed Tests with Boris FX plugins

Note: Testing was done with beta software on a mix of projects. Results will vary depending on multiple factors including individual plugin parameters, project settings, operating system, and computer hardware. 

Computer: Win 10, i7-7700K, 4.2GHz, 32GB, and NVIDIA RTX2080Ti

AE Comp with Boris FX No MFR (secs) With MFR (secs) Speed Increase %
Continuum Beauty Studio 5:47 2:59 94% faster
Continuum Primatte Studio (Keying) 9:22 5:50 61% faster
Mocha Pro Remove Module :40 :25 60% faster
Mocha Pro Power Mesh Insert 27:55 18:41 49% faster
Mixed Comp (Sapphire & Continuum) 33:28 19:10 75% faster

Computer: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X 64-Core Processor, 2.90 GH, 256GB, NVIDIA RTX 5000

AE Comp with Boris FX No MFR (secs) With MFR (secs) Speed Increase %
Sapphire Lighting Filters 5:37 3:19 69% faster
Mixed Comp (Sapphire & Continuum) 35:30 12:33 183% faster

New! Mocha AE is Updated

The bundled Mocha AE has also been updated for Multi-Frame Rendering support and now includes a new and improved AdjustTrack module. In this short video, senior product specialist Mary Poplin goes over the basics of using AdjustTrack for better planar tracking and rotoscoping in After Effects. 


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