The BCC Remover filter was designed to provide a semi-automatic way of
removing small undesired elements from an image or video clip by cloning
pixels from one user defined section of the image to another section of the

There are three stages involved in setting up this filter: Setting the
destination (pixels to be removed / replaced), setting the source (pixels to
fill the area to be removed), and selecting a method of removal. There are
currently 4 distinct modes of object removal:

  • Auto-Fill Sharp (fills the distinction shape with surrounding pixels)
  • Auto-Fill Smooth (fills the distinction shape with surrounding pixels, then smooths the result)
  • Clone Spot (clone stamp from source to destination, similar to paint cloning)
  • Clone Shape (fills the destination region with pixels from the source region)

Each of these methods will yield a different result and, given the subjective
nature of object removal from an image frame, a trial and error approach of
going through the different modes is recommended. As you become more familiar
with the filter and how it will operate on different types of images, the mode
selection will become more predictable.

The built in PixelChooser with integrated mocha planar tracking allows for
greater control over the shape and motion tracking of the removal area.

To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls,
please click here.