Sets the default suffixes that are appended to the Filename in the Render Options menu.
Alpha Suffix
Sets the default alpha suffix to _alpha.
Depth Suffix
Sets the default depth suffix to _depth.
You can now override the output filename structure. The format for the output name is now defined by the Format preference.
The default is: $(NAME)$(SUFFIX)$(VIEW)$(PREFIX)$(FRAME).$(EXT) which matches the previous format.
NAME substitutes the Filename field in Render Options
SUFFIX substitutes the _alpha, _depth, or _paint suffix when saving External Alpha, or Depth
VIEW substitutes the _L/_R suffix when saving a left/right view
PREFIX substitutes the Prefix field in Render Options
FRAME substitutes the frame number with padding
EXT substitutes the output module default extension
Note: This Format preference is currently system wide and cannot be used on a per session basis.
Left View Suffix
Sets the default Left View suffix to _L.
Paint Suffix
Sets the default Paint suffix to _paint.
Right View Suffix
Sets the default Right View suffix to _R.