Mocha VR 5.6: Stabilizing 360 Video

January 30, 2018

Mocha VR 5.6 has improved the Reorient Module for stabilizing spherical 360 video.

Designed to reduce unstable motion, the Reorient Module can drastically improve nausea-inducing VR experiences by smoothing or stabilizing shaky, handheld and drone captured footage.

New features include stereoscopic support and new “near-view” techniques for stabilizing difficult shots where the horizon is not visible or tracking areas are obscured and out of frame. Use multiple track layers across a clip to average and unwanted shakes & jitters.

Mocha VR is available as a standalone application or plug-in for Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and OFX Hosts: Nuke, Fusion, Vegas Pro & HitFilm Pro.

View intro to horizon-stabilize video tutorial