Mocha for Editors at LAPPG with Mary Poplin and Tim Schultz

December 19, 2013

In this video, Mary Poplin, imagineer systems product specialist, and Tim
Schultz, editor at Chainsaw Edit, cover how editors can save themselves time
and money by fixing simple shots on their own by showing us the core concepts
of Mocha Pro. As post production work scales down and creating film projects
from scratch becomes more inexpensive, post production artists are finding
themselves in the position of needing to know how to do simple visual effects
like roto for color correction, lens distortion correction, simple blemish and
object removal, and screen inserts. In this presentation, Mary will go over
techniques for creating rotoscoping mattes inside of Mocha and how to export
them for any system, how to compensate for lens warp, how to create simple
screen inserts, and how to remove simple objects from a scene using Mocha Pro,
and how to export these fixes to your edits… no matter what your final editing
package is. Mocha’s robust, Academy Award Winning planar tracking has been
used on film projects from YouTube to Harry Potter, X-Men, Black Swan, and
everything in-between. An experienced visual effects and motion graphics
artist, Mary has worked on major Hollywood feature films such as The Last
Airbender, Gullivers Travels, and Jackass 3D. Tim Schultz began editing at age
19, when he started cutting together animatics for Sony and Warner Bros. At
that point he knew editing was for him. He has worked steadily ever since,
editing on projects such as “House of Purgatory” “Deal or No Deal” and “Big
Brother”. Tim now works at Chainsaw, a post house in Hollywood, CA.