Create Unique Organic Looks in Avid and After Effects

January 21, 2013

Kevan O’Brien delves into the new transitions and filters found in Final
Effects Complete 7

. With over 120+ designer effects and transitions to choose from, Kevan shows
how easy it is to use these filters to create totally unique organic looks
with simple adjustments. Version 7 includes nine new auto-animating
transitions that integrate within your video editor. Kevan demonstrates these
transitions along with some of their controls so you can easily create your
own variations. Next, Kevan stepped into After Effects and illustrated how
filters are now
able to follow an AE mask path. Finally, Kevan reviews FEC’s Beat Reactor
functionality which facilitates audio-based effects creation in After Effects,
Premiere Pro, and Avid.

Filters Used Include: Water Waves Dissolve, Difference Wipe, Glow Dissolve,
Spiral Blur Dissolve, Threshold Dissolve, Threshold RGB Dissolve, Toner
Dissolve, Turbulent Dissolve, Vector Blur Dissolve, Difference Blend, Ball
Action, Mr.Mercury, Rays Puffy, Film Glow, Glue Gun, Glass, Beat Reactor,
Kaleida, Blur, Lens,

Featured Units: Transition, Image, Particle, Lights, Film Style, Stylize,
Time, Blur & Sharpen, Distort,