Behind the Scenes of the New Continuum TV Opener

October 23, 2011

Eran Stern of Stern FX gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how he created
the all-new Continuum TV opener using BCC plug-ins such as Beat Reactor, Damaged TV, Extruded
Spline, Extruded Text, Film Glow , Film Grain , Layer Deformer, Lens Flare 3D , Organic Strands , Particle Array 3D , Scanline, and Videoscope in Adobe After Effects.

Filters Used Include: Extruded Text, Layer Deformer, Extruded Spline, Film
Glow, Drop Shadow, Film Grain, Damaged TV, Beat Reactor, Rectangular Wipe,
Tritone, Scanline, Particle Array 3D, DVE, Glow, Videoscope, Organic Strands,
Lens Flare 3D,

Featured Units: 3D Objects, Film Style, Stylize, Time, Transitions, Color
& Tone, Particles, Perspective, Lights,