Sapphire Plug-ins for Autodesk: WarpWavesComp


In the S_WarpsComp Plugin.

Warps the source clip by a wave pattern. You can make the waves move over time by increasing the Phase Speed parameter, or by animating the value of Phase Start.


Front: The clip to use as foreground.

Back: Optional. The clip to use as background.

Matte: Optional. Specifies the opacities of the Front clip.


Load Preset: Push-button .
Brings up the Preset Browser to browse all available presets for this effect.

Save Preset: Push-button .
Brings up the Preset Save dialog to save a preset for this effect.

Frequency: Default: 8, Range: 0 or greater.
The frequency of the waves. Increase for more waves, decrease for fewer.

Amplitude: Default: 0.1, Range: any.
Scales the amount of warping distortion. Increase for more severe distortion.

Angle: Default: 45, Range: any.
The rotation angle of the wave pattern in counter-clockwise degrees. If angle is 0, the waves move to the right and are aligned vertically.

Displace Angle: Default: 90, Range: any.
The warping direction in degrees relative to the angle of the waves. 0 gives compression-expansion waves, and 90 gives side to side waves.

Phase Start: Default: 0, Range: any.
The phase shift of the waves. The wave pattern is translated in the direction of Angle by this amount.

Phase Speed: Default: 0, Range: any.
The phase speed of the waves. If this is non-zero the wave pattern automatically travels at this rate.

Z Dist: Default: 1, Range: 0.001 or greater.
Scales the 'distance' of the image. Values greater than 1.0 move it farther away and make it smaller. Values less than 1.0 move the image closer and enlarge it. Zooming in slightly can sometimes be used to hide edge artifacts.

Filter: Check-box,  Default: on.
If enabled, the image is adaptively filtered when it is resampled. This gives a better quality result when parts of the image are warped smaller.

Wrap: X & Y,  Popup menu,  Default: [ Reflect Reflect ].
Determines the method for accessing outside the borders of the source image.
No: gives black beyond the borders.
Tile: repeats a copy of the image.
Reflect: repeats a mirrored copy. Edges are often less visible with this method.

Comp Premult: Check-box,  Default: off, Shared .
Enable this for a better composite if the Foreground pixel values have been pre-multiplied by the Matte pixel values. This is also known as an 'additive' composite.



Mocha: Default: 0, Range: 0 or greater, Shared .
Brings up the Mocha window for tracking footage and generating masks.

Blur Mocha: Default: 0, Range: 0 or greater, Shared .
Blurs the Mocha Mask by this amount before using. This can be used to soften the edges or quantization artifacts of the mask, and smooth out the time displacements.

Mocha Opacity: Default: 1, Range: 0 to 1, Shared .
Controls the strength of the Mocha mask. Lower values reduce the intensity of the effect.

Invert Mocha: Check-box,  Default: off, Shared .
If enabled, the black and white of the Mocha Mask are inverted before applying the effect.

Show Mocha Only: Check-box,  Default: off, Shared .
Bypass the effect and show the Mocha Mask itself.

Bypass Mocha: Check-box,  Default: off, Shared .
Ignore the Mocha Mask and apply the effect to the entire source clip.
See general info for: Res , On Fields , Redraw , Undo , Load Defaults , Crop , Add Noise , and Use Gamma .

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