The Technofile Awards 2015: Best Video-Plug In Collection: BCC 10 for Adobe

Below is an abridged version of The Technofiles Awards 2015. To read the entire post with all the winners, click here.   (Published February 8, 2016)

Now that 2015 is over, everyone is back from their holidays and recovered from their xmas hangovers (aka January), it seems like the perfect time to announce the winners of The Technofile Awards 2015. These awards are given to the best products that were available to buy new in 2015 (regardless of when they were originally announced or released). So, without further fanfare…unless you happen to have a fanfare sample to hand…here are the Technofile Awards 2015:

Best Video Plug-in Collection: Boris FX BCC 10 for Adobe


It’s not surprising that Boris FX boasts over a million users including many major UK & US networks. With over 250 filters and tools for creating professional motion graphics, visual effects, and finishing, Boris Continuum Complete offers a breathtaking array of things to do to your footage. However, the recent release of Version 10 considerable raises the stakes, thanks to Boris FX’s purchase of Imagineer – the company that makes Academy Award winning tracking software mocha. As a result of this purchase, mocha’s planar tracking and masking engine has been integrated into the BCC 10 PixelChooser, allowing much more to be done from your NLE’s timeline. Tasks such as blurring faces, isolating filters & correcting footage are simplified and time spent masking & manually keyframing is significantly reduced. mocha data can be used to track lens flares, corner pins, titles & graphics, whilst unlimited mask layers let you do everything from skin effect isolation to full blown rotoscoping. BCC 10’s new Beauty Studio skin retouching tool also uses mocha technology, in conjunction with a keying algorithm that isolated skin tones, to give advanced skin smoothing whilst retaining natural sharpness and contrast. The new Title Studio lets you create 2D/3D broadcast titles and motion graphics at any resolution, and there are a multitude of new image restoration tools, transitions and effects including light leaks and The Technofile’s favourite – beat synced glitches! From image creation to image destruction, BCC 10 is the one.






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