Post Fifth Pictures: Boris Transfer FCP Review

by Bryce Randle, August 3, 2011

Boris-Transfer With all the craziness of the Final Cut X going on, people threatening to switch NLE’s, wondering where to go and every blogger writing 10 articles about why FCPX is great or why it isn’t, I decided to take action. I didn’t want to write about it right away though. Cammon and I made our video about why you can’t use FCPX on a feature and that’s that.

Instead of talking about “what will we ever do to survive,” I decided to look for what answers there were. I thought back to the Media Composer 5 road show I attended in Burbank at KeyCode Media last summer and in my notes I wrote about Boris coming out with transfer software, similar to the infamous Automatic Duck. I don’t have Automatic Duck and I have looked into it before and for the type of projects I am doing lately, I just don’t have the budget for it. Especially because it is a one way street. So while you read this review, keep in mind I haven’t ever personally used Automatic Duck, I only know what it can do and know how it has performed for friends.

There are two great benefits I see immediately for editors who want to use Avid more in their workflows or want to keep aspects of FCP in their new Avid lives. I’ve successfully transferred a few Final Cut  Pro projects into Avid using the Boris AAF export tool, even using AMA (ProRes only tested). I have also tested it with batch importing this clips. So there, I have moved a few clients archived projects they still like to pull from into the Avid, out of Final Cut .

The other advantage was using the Avid export to FCP tool and then taking that into Color. I know people have their workarounds, but this was by far the easiest one for me. I actually did a “half ass” test and it seemed to go fine. I took a 5 minute video with T3i footage in Avid, exported it, pulled it into FCP and all the H.264 original files reconnected perfectly. From there, I should media manage and then take it into Color, but I just tested it to see if it would work into Color. It worked fine.

So that’s exciting. Boris says that their effects will transfer from Avid to FCP as well. I think that is pretty cool and as always, I will keep doing more research on these tools and utilities and posting them when I discover new, useful things. I must say that you should follow all the instructions very carefully as you use Boris Transfer
FCP. If you assume you know how to do it in a way that will make it work, there is a good chance you won’t. I found that out the humbling way. Read the instructions, get used to their guide and you shouldn’t have a problem. For $300, it’s a good deal to go on the two way street between Avid and FCP. Much easier on the wallet than what the $800 the bundled Automatic Duck would cost you.


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