Immersive Shooter: Boris FX updates Mocha’s VR tools, drops prices

Tags: Mocha Pro, Mocha VR

Originally published: October 4, 2018 on Immersive Shooter

In mid-September, Boris FX announced a brand new version of Mocha VR – with new features and at a lower price.

In the new version, Mocha VR and Mocha Pro will be joined together into one product, Mocha Pro 2019, so VR content creators will be able to access flat video tools and vice versa.

Both Mocha Pro 5 and Mocha VR users that purchased a license or subscription within the last year will receive a free update to Mocha Pro 2019.

Boris FX also announced a couple of VR-related improvements for Mocha Pro 2019.

These improvements include three new spine tools to speed up rotoscoping tasks, including a freehand spline tool, geometric shapes spine tools, and a magnetic spline tool with edge snapping.

Another improvement is GPU-accelerated object removal, which will accelerate render time when removing objects and patching nadirs.

“What we’re seeing is a four to five times faster rendering time,” said Boris FX Chief Product Officer Ross Shain. “Of course that depends on your hardware and frame resolution, but it is a significant speed up.”

While demoing this new feature, performing a nadir patch on a stereoscopic 360 video clip shot with the Kandao Obsidian camera took only a few seconds to render, versus 10 to 20 seconds with the previous version of Mocha VR.

Mocha Pro 2019 is also no officially part of Boris FX U&S (upgrade and support) plan, under which it will be receiving yearly updates.

The combination into one product also offers Mocha VR users the streamlined user interface available within Mocha Essentials, and expands support for retina and high DPI monitor resolutions.

Mocha Pro 2019 will also save new 360 creators money. Mocha Pro 2019 is now available as an annual subscription option for as low as $295 per year and the cost to purchase a new Adobe-only plug-in has actually come down from Mocha VR’s $995 price to $695 for Mocha Pro 2019.


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