Soundbite - 2.1

Tags: Media 100, Soundbite

New Feature: Soundbite 2.1 can now import Final Cut X projects. In FCP X, you can export any events via FCPX XML, which can then be imported into Soundbite. Each event will be treated as a Final Cut project within Soundbite, with all media resources from that FCPX event being indexed and searchable. All the functionality within Soundbite for watchfolders and Final Cut Pro 7 projects will also apply to FCP X projects, so this includes indexing, searching, previewing, grouping, and saving. Resources can be exported back to FCP X with markers for hits using the "Export to FCPX XML" feature. One thing to note is that a session of Soundbite can either work with FCP7 or FCPX, but not both simultaneously. You can switch between the two modes in the preference->advanced tab; it only requires a restart of Soundbite. No data is lost switching between FCP7 and FCPX modes. So the workflow follows these steps:
  1. In Soundbite, go to preferences, choose FCPX. Restart.
  2. In FCP X, choose which event you wish to export, right click, export as XML.
  3. In Soundbite, add the FCP project, then choose that XML file. Soundbite will add the project and index all resources.
  4. Use Soundbite however you want with that project.


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