Sapphire 2021 release notes

Tags: Sapphire

What’s New in Sapphire 2021

New Effects

  • S_UltraGlow - Brand new effect for Sapphire 2021, S_UltraGlow total revamp of the classic S_Glow with control over the hotspot of the glow as well as the falloff.

  • S_UltraZap - Brand new effect for Sapphire 2021, S_UltraZap improves upon the classic S_Zap with the ability to animate Zap along a spline and looping behavior as well as improved color controls and a new workflow.

New Features

  • Metal for Mac OS. Over 60 effects have improved speed from an all new metal implementation

  • Improved LensFlare Designer:

  • Lens Flare ability to offset elements off axis.

  • Reactive speed for elements..

  • Performance and stability improvements.

  • Improved Mocha:

  • Adjust track.


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