Sapphire 2020.5.3 release notes

Tags: Sapphire

What’s New In Sapphire 2020.53

  • Resolve: Fixed a crash when Sapphire is used on a Resolve with multiple GPUs.
  • Sapphire on VMs: Prevent Sapphire from using virtual GPU RAM and crashing the VM.
  • Preset Browser and Builder: Improved preview behavior with certain presets and Effects.
  • Windows Licensing: Performance improvement when using activation keys on Windows. This particularly affects thumbnail render speed in the Sapphire Preset Browser.
  • Mocha: Adds AE timecode to Mocha timeline.
  • Flame: Improve EdgeRays behavior with Show Rays.
  • Mocha: Fixes potential crash in Nuke 12.2 on Linux.
  • Mac OS and Logging: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented s_log from being written on Mac OS.
  • Nuke: Fixed a crash when deleting a Sapphire node, then undoing the delete.
  • Licensing: Add support for bfxsuite subscription license.


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