Sapphire 2020.02 release notes

Tags: Sapphire

What’s New In Sapphire 2020.02

  • RackDefocus, Convolve, Glare, Flashbulbs: Fixed a slowdown in these effects when run on the CPU with certain parameter settings.
  • Licensing: Improved license activation and deactivation where licensing one machine would deactivate another on certain network configurations.
  • After Effects: Fixed a bug where the pivot in LensFlare and other point widgets might not be positioned correctly when the preview is downsampled.
  • Preset Browser: Fixed an issue where the preset browser won’t launch on large footage. For now the preset browser will use sample footage when the input clip is too large.
  • Minor License Tool UI improvements.
  • Fixed the s_config flag: rlm_no_promote_render_lics.
  • Vegas: Updated s_config to identify vegas by its new OFX ID:
  • Nuke: Fixed a deadlock in S_Zap when adjusting parameters.


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