Sapphire 2019.06 release notes

Tags: Sapphire

What’s New In Sapphire 2019.06:

  • Windows: Fixed the cancel button in the ‘Starting Mocha’ dialog.
  • EdgeRays: Fixed a crash when “Rays Res” is set to anything other than Full.
  • Premiere: Fixed a warning when Sapphire is applied to a clip with a non-standard frame rate.
  • Added environment variables to the Sapphire Preset Browser to set non-standard search locations for presets: SAPPHIRE_LOAD_PRESET_PATH and SAPPHIRE_SAVE_PRESET_PATH.
  • Premiere: Removed the “Follow Path” option in S_Zap on Premiere. This mode only works on After Effects.
  • Flame: Fixed a crash when S_Retime is used downstream of a BurnInMetadata node.


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