Graffiti - 6.0.2

Tags: Graffiti

Adobe After Effects CS6 support is added in this point release.
The following bugs have been fixed since the prior release of Graffiti (April 20, 2012).

"27257","This method was using two separate resources to put up the tabs"

"26280","woody - red / avid fx - mac only - bitmap images needed for transitions are missing from library"

"27363", "Boris FX - Woody - Mac only - Premiere CS5/5.5- Boris FX plugin - Project settings: When double-clicking to select a library browser preset, the host project settings will get override by the library browser preset"

"26762","Merged the fix for SPR 26762 to Vindaloo- BCC8 - AE CS6 Only - 3D Objects filters render black, low rez, or not at all unless antialiasing is reduced to Good or Draft Mode (may be card dependent)."

"27304","Window title & proxy icon now update properly."


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