Graffiti - 6.0.1

Tags: Graffiti

The following bugs have been fixed since the prior release of Graffiti (April 9, 2012).
"SPR 27142 - Avid FX - Woody - Mac - Avid FX standalone - Duration: Hitting the arrow keys to increase/decrease the duration does not work"

"SPR 27191 - RED 5.1.4 x64 - Woody - Mac - RED standalone - Library Browser: RED crashes when you play the library preset in the previewer and then change the workspace"

"SPR 27197 - RED 5.1.4 x64 - Woody - All OS - RED standalone - Light filters: Light filters such as BCC Rays Puffy has a garbage string in the Look popup"

"3D Image Shatter - Rendering in Draft mode – completes transition too quickly"


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