FX - 10.0.0

Tags: FX

Supported Hosts

MacOS: Premiere CS5, CS5.5, CS6

Windows: Edius, Vegas 32 Bit, Vegas 64 Bit, Adobe CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6

Known Issues

"26865","Library Browser: The library browser button located in the timeline window does not work"

"26921","Product name: Some parts of Graffiti UI refers to Boris RED instead of saying Graffiti/Boris FX"

"27330","Create Text Path, Text Backdrop & Reflection Map buttons are erroneously included in the Controls Window.

"27332","The Preview preferences show up under Export tab instead of Preview tab."

"27375","Shortcut invokes History palette as undocked while shortcut for other windows does not"

"27442","Spline Obj & Primitive: Upon launch, Spline Obj and Spline Primitive will not be contextually turned on in the Track drop down menu"

"27432","Win only With OpenGL turned on and the library browser open, the composite will render all white when you out and back in Boris FX UI "


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