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Boris Final Effects Complete™ Version 5.0.2 for FxPlug Release Notes

Welcome to Boris Final Effects Complete 5.0.2 for FxPlug. FEC FxPlug is a plug-ins package with 109 powerful visual effects filters re-designed for Apple's FxPlug plug-in architecture, providing seamless integration with Final Cut Studio’s Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion.

What’s New in FEC 5.0.2?

The following features and enhancements were added to version 5.0.2 of FEC for FxPlug:

  • Field Rendering Support - Users now have the option to render their filter effects in Speed Optimized mode (Field Rendering) or Quality Optimized mode (Frame Rendering). The Field Rendering menu, located in the Common Controls, sets the rendering optimization. Not all filters include this option. Good to know:

    • For most filters, you can use the default of Speed Optimized - which results in faster filter rendering. Some filters default to Quality Optimized; in this case you should not use Speed Optimized.

    • For effects that include edging, DVE moves or fast frame-to-frame movement, you may want to use Quality Optimized. Quality Optimized takes more time to render, but will generally correct any problems with jitter or rough edges on effects.


      The new Field Rendering menu in FEC FxPlug 5.0.2

  • PixelChooser Multi-Processor Support - The PixelChooser is included in many Boris FEC filters and provides several methods to selectively filter an image. All PixelChooser functions are now fully MP’d.

  • Filters now Default to 8-bit Rendering for overall faster results - Unless:

    • The host is set to render 32-bit Float

      • In Final Cut Pro , that would be when the “Render all YUV material in high-precision YUV” option is enabled in the Video Processing tab of the Sequence Settings window.

      • In Motion , that would be when the 32 Bit (Float) option is enabled via the “Bit Depth” popup menu in the Project Properties window.

    • Transitions are used, where slight color shifts due to the YUV<>RGB8 conversion will be noticeable.

  • Faster FxPlug infrastructure

  • Miscellaneous performance improvements - Will significantly improve performance on the faster effects.


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