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Boris Final Effects Complete™ AVX Version 4.0.3 Release Notes


Supported Hosts

Minimum System Memory Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

Purchasing Final Effects AVX Complete Via a Trial Version

Installing Final Effects Complete from a CD-ROM

Supported Filters

Known Limitations


Contacting Technical Support


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Compatibility with Older Versions of ICEfx

Final Effects Complete AVX was formerly known as ICEfx. Version 4.0 provides these ICE hardware-accelerated effects as a software-only solution. FEC AVX is not compatible with the older ICE versions that ran on the AVX architecture.

Supported Hosts

Boris Final Effects Complete 4.0 supports all Avid systems running on the AVX 1.0 architecture, including Avid DS systems. Avid® Visual Extensions (AVX) is a plug-in architecture that dynamically extends the effects supported by Avid systems. This version version is for Windows only. A future release will add Macintosh support.

Minimum System Memory Requirements

The following requirements are recommended for Windows users.

  • Minimum 512 MB (assigned to Avid host application)

  • Recommended 512 MB (assigned to host application)

    Supported Operating Systems

    The initial release is for Windows only. A future release will add Macintosh support. Boris Final Effects Complete 4.0 supports the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and Windows XP®


    Purchasing Final Effects AVX Complete Via a Trial Version

    The following section details the method for registering and purchasing FEC AVX via a Trial version downloaded from the Boris FX website.

    1. Launch your Avid system and apply a Final Effects Complete AVX filter to a clip.

    2. Enter Effects mode.

    3. In the Effect Editor window, click the Other Options button directly below the filter name to access the registration dialog.

    4. Image_002
    5. Click the Purchase button to purchase an Unlock Code.

    6. Image_003


    Installing Final Effects Complete from a CD-ROM

    The following instructions detail how to install Final Effects Complete via a CD.

    1. Quit all applications.

    2. To correctly install Boris Final Effects Complete AVX, you must log on to your system as an Administrator.

    3. Insert the Boris CD into the system’s CD-ROM drive. The Boris Final Effects Complete AVX installer automatically launches.

      NOTE: If after at least 15 seconds the Welcome window does not appear, double- click “setup.exe” located within the “install” directory found at the root of the Boris CD.

    4. Choose the language for installation from the choices in the menu. Click OK .

    5. The Boris Setup License Agreement appears. Click to accept the terms of the license agreement. Then click Next .

    6. Enter your User Name, Company Name and Serial Number in the Customer Information screen. Include the hyphens when you enter the serial number. The product serial number is found inside the front cover of your CD case. Click OK .

    7. In the Select Features screen, select the hosts where you want to install FEC AVX. To install into multiple hosts, click all hosts that apply.

    8. Click Next .

    9. In the next window, click Install to begin the installation. The installer will search for your host(s) on the system and install FEC 4.0 inside your host(s).

    10. A Plugin Destination window indicates the path where the FEC AVX plug-ins will be installed for each host. Click Next .

    11. A dialog appears allowing you to register your copy of FECAVX. Follow the onscreen instructions to register your copy. Click Finish .

      Supported Filters •

      The following table describes the fi lters that are included with Final Effects Complete. Not all fi lters are compatible with all host applications.

      The following fi lters are included with Final Effects Complete AVX version 4.0.


      Channel Blur

      Chroma/Luma Blur

      Directional Blur



      Spin Blur

      Spiral Blur

      Unsharpen Mask

      Zoom Blur

      Vector Blur

      Vector Blur (w/Vector map)

      Color Correction Effects



      Color Balance(HLS)

      Color Balance(RGB)

      Color Offset

      Gamma/ Pedestal/Gain






      Threshold (RGB)


      Composite Effects



      Effect Key



      Distort Effects



      Bend It




      Flo Motion





      Slant Matte












      Channel Blur

      Color Balance(HLS)

      Color Balance(RGB)




      Gaussian Blur


      EZ Transitions Effects


      Blur Transition

      Directional Blur






      Noise Transition

      Radial ScaleWipe


      Spiral Blur Transition

      Twirl Transition


      Image Effects


      Alpha Map

      Channel Noise







      Light Effects


      Light Rays

      Light Sweep





      Spotlight (wGel



      Supported FEC AVXFilters Blur & Sharpen Effects

      Supported FEC AVXFilters

      Particle Effects

      Ball Action Bubbles Hair Hair (w/hairfall map)

      Pixel Polly

      Perspective Effects

      Advanced 3D Cylinder Power Pin Geometrics

      Sphere Sphere

      (w/Reflection map)


      Stylize & SynthesizeEffects

      3DRelief Blobbylize Blobbylize(w Blob


      Burn Film

      Emboss Fractal Glass Glass(w/Bump map)

      Glow Kaleida LensStar Mr.Smoothie Mr.Smoothie (w/Glow Map) Scatterize VideoFragment

      Transitions Effects

      GridWipe ImageWipe Jaws LightWipe

      LightWipe (Two Input/Transition)

      PageTurn PageTurn (w/Flip Side)

      Radial ScaleWipe

      ScaleWipe Twister Twister (w/FlipSide)

      Compositing in Avid and Avid DSSystems

      The procedures for compositing using FE fi lters in Avid Xpress Pro are different than the procedures for compositing in Avid DS. Compositing in Avid Xpress Pro requires the use of the FE Composite category of fi lters; in Avid DS, these fi lters are not necessary. For detailed instructions, see Chapter One in the Boris Final Effects Complete AVX Guide .

      Known Limitations

      Final Effects Complete Version AVX 4.0.3 includes the following known limitations:

  • All filters are 8-bit only.

  • The FE Split 2 and FE Alpha Map fi lters do not include online help fi les. In these two fi lters, clicking the Other Options button in the Effect Editor window launches a dialog box that includes custom controls.

  • Some fi lters that appear in the Transitions category are single-input effects that cannot be applied as transitions. For example, both an FE Twister and an FE Twister (w/Backside) effect appear in the Transitions category. However, the FE Twister can only be applied to a clip, not to the transition between two clips. To create a Twister transition between two clips, use the Twister (w/Backside) effect. To create a transitionusing a single-input effect, you can use the FE Join filter to create a transition by revealing the underlying tracks in the timeline. For details, see Chapter One in your User Guide.

  • Unlike the transitions in the EZ Transitions category , most of the effects in the Transitions category do not auto-animate. To create a transition that wipes away to reveal the incoming clip, you must animate the Completion or Transition Complete parameter from a value of 0 at the fi rst keyframe to a value of 100 at the last keyframe.

  • Applying an FEC AVX fi lter to an Avid title is a destructive process that replaces the Avid title in the timeline. To edit the title as text (for example to change text characters or font), you need to reopen the original title saved in a bin. Removing an FEC AVX effect also removes the title’s nested alpha channel. To remove an FEC AVX effect and preserve the title, use the Undo command instead of the Remove Effect button .

  • Not all FEC AVX effects apply to titles. If you try to apply an FEC AVX effect to a title and it does not apply, an “Effect does not apply” error message displays.

  • In Avid DS, reviewing an effect in the viewer before the effect is rendered to disk can display a fi eld problem. This fi eld problem exists in cached frames from the previewed effect and is due to a limitation in DS.

To work around this limitation:

    1. Build your effect. Before processing it, move the position indicator off of the effect.

    2. In the Toolbar customization options, press the Purge Memory Cache button . When you render the effect to disk, you will no longer see fi eld problems.


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