Final Effects Complete AE - 5.0.3

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Changes from FEC 5.0.1 to FEC 5.0.3



  • Support for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

    FEC 5.0.3 host support for the Adobe product line has been extended to include Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

  • New Motion Tracker features

    The Motion Tracker feature in FEC 5.0.3 filters now match their counterpart in BCC filters and include the ability to save and load motion tracker data, which can be used in any FEC or BCC filter.

  • Additional optimizations to the built-in Motion Tracker

    Most every filter in the FEC package includes a built-in motion tracker that may be used to control the x/y position of a light source or the center point of any object such as a geometric primitive or a bulge or the x/y position of a PixelChooser mask. This feature has undergone optimizations in FEC 5.0.3 to make working with the Motion Tracker feature faster and easier than ever before.

  • Optimizations to the Built-In PixelChooser

    The PixelChooser feature, which is included in all FEC filters has been optimized to further enhance performance, meaning shorter render times and greater user interactivity.

  • Overall Performance Enhancements

    All filters in FEC 5.0.3 now render faster than ever before as a result of the many optimizations that have been made to core algorithms in the product.

  • Improvements to Transition filters

    All transition filters in FEC have been modified so that while working in Auto mode, where the transition occurs automatically between the outgoing and incoming clips, the filter respects the layer in/out trim points when used in Adobe After Effects.

  • Faster Downloads

More and more people rely upon electronic downloads for their software updates and with that in mind we have reduced the size of the FEC product installer to make downloading and installing this new version faster and easier than ever before. Improvements on the Macintosh installer amount to an almost 50 percent reduction in the size of the downloaded file, meaning that your download times will essentially be halved. On Windows, we are seeing about a 30 percent reduction in the size of the installer.


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