Continuum 2022.5 (v15.5.0) for Adobe AE/Premiere - Release Notes

Continuum 2022.5 (15.5.0) for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro - Release Notes


What’s New in Continuum 2022.5 for Adobe (Summary of major changes since Continuum 2022):

5 New/Ported Fully GPU Accelerated BCC+ Effects

  • BCC+ Film Glow
  • BCC+ Light Leaks
  • BCC+ Magic Sharp
  • BCC+ Radial Blur
  • BCC+ Video Glitch

15 New/Ported Fully GPU Accelerated BCC+ Dissolve Transitions

  • BCC+ Blur Dissolve
  • BCC+ Camera Shake Dissolve
  • BCC+ Channel Blur Dissolve
  • BCC+ Crash Zoom Dissolve
  • BCC+ Cross Zoom Dissolve
  • BCC+ Directional Blur Dissolve
  • BCC+ Dissolve
  • BCC+ Film Glow Dissolve
  • BCC+ Light Leaks Dissolve
  • BCC+ Multi-Star Dissolve
  • BCC+ Prism Dissolve
  • BCC+ Rack Focus Dissolve
  • BCC+ Rays Dissolve
  • BCC+ Spin Blur Dissolve
  • BCC+ Video Glitch Dissolve

Particle Illusion Enhancements

  • Emit from 3D Models (C4D/OBJ)
    • You can now import C4D or OBJ 3D model files to define 3D emitter shapes.
  • Emit from AE Mask/Text Shapes
    • You can now use AE Mask or Text outlines as “line emitters” in PI. PI previously supported having an emitter offset follow an AE Mask or Text spline over time, but with this release you can now emit continuously from across the spline shapes just like a Particle Illusion line emitter. In the AE plugin params, change the Emitter Type to Mask/Text and then use the Emission Mask / Text parameter group to select the shape. Then apply any emitter in the PI UI and it will act like a line emitter along that shape.
  • Enhanced 3D HUD Widgets
    • Full revamp of 3D HUD widget system for interacting with your 3D scenes.
  • New 2022.5 Emitter Library
  • Numerous UI Refinements
    • Recent Files list
    • File Revert option
    • Look and Feel tweaks/cleanup to Save to Emitter Library, Rename Emitter Library, Rename Item, Frame Rate and Pixel Aspect Ratio display, Preferences dialog, Project Settings dialog, Shape Editor dialog
    • Click Duration in playback toolbar to open project settings
    • Click Stage dimensions text (above stage) clickable, opening the Project Settings dialog.
    • Import Shape radio button selection clarification
    • double click node elements for quick edits (particle gradients, color gradients, enable/disable)
    • new shortcuts (including Zoom to Fit for Stage view - ‘F’)
    • Menu and key shortcuts for Motion Blur and 3D/2D actions now update visual project modified indicator (asterisk after name in title bar).
    • “Project modified” asterisk indicator reliability including after undo/redo
    • Clean up where Play Range tooltip displays and hide it when double-click to reset Play Range
    • Add “Always Open All Parameters” preference. When checked (the default value) all parameters with children will be opened when displayed.

Faster BCC+ Rendering on Multi-threaded Hosts

  • Improved resource utilization in BCC+ filters in highly multi-threaded hosts like After Effects and Premiere yields big render speed gains - especially with complicated projects/stacked filters or Mocha PixelChooser.

Title Studio M1 Deformer Shaders

  • Deformer Shaders are now available on native M1 hosts in Title Studio

FX Editor Enhancements

  • On-screen HUD Overlay Widgets inside the FX Editor
  • Numerous Refinements to Window/Pane behavior
  • Numerous UI Look and Feel Enhancements
  • Improvements to Preset Saving workflow

BCC+ Mocha / PixelChooser UI Rearrangement

  • The Mocha Mask launch button and PixelChooser group are moved near the top of the UI for easier accessibility.

Mocha for Continuum Update

  • Update to Mocha 2022.5 era enhancements:
    • New Surface Controls
      • Right-click Ratios: You can now set the surface ratio by right-clicking the surface
      • Right-click Align and Reset: You can align the surface or reset it to the spline.
      • Right-click view controls: You can turn off the insert and surface view
    • Track Preprocessing
      • Treat your clip before tracking to get optimal details in difficult shots. Pre-process gamma, contrast, blur etc.
    • Non-destructive gamma view
      • Adjust both brightness and gamma in the view controls without affecting the actual clip
    • BCC Point Tracking now supports Adjust Track

BCC+ Camera Shake - New Geometry Controls

  • Control X and Y translation amounts independently
  • Global Amplitude control for scaling all geometries with a single parameter
  • Post-scale slider allowing additional zoom to hide edge conditions
  • New presets

Miscellaneous Feature Enhancements

  • New BCC+ Edge Mode controls have been added to:
    • BCC+ Camera Shake
    • BCC+ Lens Distortion
    • BCC+ Wide Angle Lens
    • BCC+ Transform
    • BCC+ Composite
    • BCC+ Film Grunge
    • BCC+ Borders
  • New BCC+ Smear Blur presets
  • BCC+ Directional Blur, BCC+ Channel Blur, and BCC+ Channel Blur YUV
    • Added Premultiply checkbox to control whether or not sources should be premultiplied. Useful at times on clips with alpha channels for example when blurring RGB channels by different blur amounts than the alpha channel.
  • BCC+ Glow Edges
    • New alpha controls for refining how the glow interacts with alpha edges.
  • BCC+ GPU Rendering Menu
    • Moved from the top of each effect to the bottom for more efficient UI layout

Other Fixes and Polish in Continuum 2022.5 v15.5.0 for Adobe::

  • BCC+ Camera Shake - Randomize param not working
  • BCC+ Camera Shake - Expanded slider parameter ranges
  • Ganged param sliders (X/Y + Gang) sometimes aren’t set correctly from FX Editor.
  • BCC+ PixelChooser - Ruby preview mask inverted
  • BCC+ PixelChooser - View Chosen Pixels overlay generates unexpected color on out of range clips
  • BCC+ PixelChooser : Overdrive feature is not working as expected (values outside 0-100)
  • FX Editor - show thumbnails over black for Light, Diffusion, Textures, Ice Halos - so that the image textures can be easily visualized in the thumbs.
  • FX Editor - Fix B-mode icon
  • Licensing - Add support BCC+ Looks single-filter unit license
  • BCC+ Lens Flare - extend the range of the Brightness parameter
  • BCC+ thread safety improvements - isolated hangs in threaded hosts
  • BCC+ AE - Occasional incorrect frames in AE when scrubbing params
  • BCC+ Licensing - BCC+ Lens Flare to single premium filter unit
  • Mac Uninstaller - request privileges (password) before removing anything
  • BCC+ Adobe: Mix with Original slider is not premult-aware
  • Particle Illusion - Always enable HUD on UI start
  • Particle Illusion - Set min HUD transparency to 10 to avoid confusion over them disappearing unexpectedly
  • Particle Illusion - Improved memory efficiency
  • Particle Illusion - Fix for deleting shapes from libraries
  • Particle Illusion - Prevent UI from opening as hidden after corrupted prefs
  • Particle Illusion - Switch 3D coordinates from a left handed system to a more conventional right handed coordinate system. This better matches typical 3D graphics conventions. Older projects will continue to use the left-handed system.
  • Particle Illusion - Tweak text of Action menu items.
  • Particle Illusion - Improved look of About Box
  • Particle Illusion - Some checkable menu items do not update correctly. Loop Play (Action menu) and 3D Project (Stage menu) did not update their “checked” state.
  • Particle Illusion - Add “Add a Deflector” and “Add a Force” menu items to Action menu. * Particle Illusion - Add “World Coords” menu item to Stage menu.
  • Particle Illusion - Selected node outline color darkens on disabled nodes.
  • Particle Illusion - Icon and shape image in disabled nodes now draw darker for improved visual clarity.
  • Particle Illusion - Improved memory usage when native Particle Properties params changed
  • Particle Illusion - Add Camera Controls text in node view which updates to indicate when being used
  • Particle Illusion - Improved window restore when reopened on multi-monitor configs
  • Particle Illusion - Improved button color and down state when preview buttons pressed
  • Particle Illusion - Fix errors when launching PI UI from host with large image sizes
  • Particle Illusion - Eliminate visual jumping of particle count display as number of particles changes
  • Title Studio - address stability issues with certain OBJ model files


Continuum 2022.5 v15.5.0 (BCC 15.5.0) for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro was released on 6/21/2022.


Continuum 2022.5 v15.5.0 for Adobe supports the following Adobe host applications:

macOSX 10.14, 10.15, 11.x, 12.x (up to OS version at time of Continuum release and as appropriate for the host version in use). Continuum 2022.5 supports running natively on M1/ARM64 native chipsets for After Effects and Premiere Pro versions which themselves support running natively on M1/ARM64.

  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 (up to versions released at time of Continuum release)

Windows 10 x64, Windows 11:

  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 (up to versions released at time of Continuum release)



Numerous resources are available for helping you get the most out of Boris Continuum Complete.

  • Help documents for individual BCC effects are accessible directly from each plug-in’s UI in most hosts.  The entire BCC Help Documentation library is also available on the Boris FX website, including access to a downloadable version for browsing Offline BCC Help Documentation.
  • BorisTV video tutorials cover a huge range of topics from introductions to the Fundamentals, to deep training Webinar Replays, to in-depth looks at  key effects and techniques.


Continuum 2022.5 v15.5.0 for Adobe - Compatibility Notes:

While in general your previously saved projects should render identically in the newer version, bug fixes and quality improvements can sometimes change the look of older projects. While every effort is made to ensure project compatibility, the following notable areas may see some change to the look of previously saved projects.

  • Particle Illusion 3D environment enhancements may cause some projects to render with individual particle differences, although the overall look and feel should remain the same.


Continuum 2022.5 v15.5.0 for Adobe - Known Issues and Limitations:

  • CO-1298 - Mocha PixelChooser splines can render distorted or in the wrong location in filters that use “Avoid Clipping” or similar mechanisms to expand the source layer dimensions.  As a workaround the layer expansion should be done prior to the effect in a precomp.
  • CO-2296 - The Hide Disabled Parameters preference exposes host-side UI refresh issues in AE and Premiere.  We are working with Adobe to resolve these issues.  As a workaround the Hide Disabled Parameters preference can be disabled to revert to “graying out” parameters instead of hiding them.
  • CO-2344 - Title Studio - projects with Cinema 4D files that reference host tracks as textures can cause slow or stalled refreshes in Premiere.
  • CO-6682 - Optical Stabilizer does not stabilize correctly on trimmed clips in Premiere
  • CO-8221 - Particle Illusion - Broken particles occasionally falling through deflector
  • CO-8475 - Particle Illusion - PI layer Sync with Ae 3D lost when using Y Rotation keyframes
  • CO-8326 - The FX Editor window does not block access to the host UI while it is up which can lead to stability problems if you make adjustments in the host while the FX Editor is still open.
  • CO-8858 - Particle Illusion - Ae does not refresh renders if PI is using mask / text via mask picker menu and the mask on an alternate layer is changed. (Change a param or purge cache to force refresh.)
  • CO-9436 - Particle Illusion: “Preserve Color” black particles sometimes drawn offset (2D mode)
  • CO-9391 - BCC+ Cross Processing and BCC+ Color Paste clamp in HDR
  • CO-9370 - BCC+ Color Gradient - ND Brightness feature ignores alpha
  • CO-10548 - Particle Illusion: AE Comp Camera Z rotation is opposite in AE from PI
  • CO-10220 - BCC+ Crash Zoom Dissolve - angle animation is not as smooth as it should be
  • CO-10213 - FX Editor preview sometimes shows incorrect colors after changing OCIO colorspace multiple times
  • CO-10693 - Particle Illusion - movement restricted to wrong plane in Top, Left view
  • CO-9963 - Title Studio - C4D import not supported on native M1


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