Boris RED - 5.5.0 Release Notes

Tags: Media 100, RED, Soundbite

New Features:

  • RED 5.5 for Avid replaces AvidFX and now includes Green Dot (RT) effects
  • RED 5.5 for Avid replaces AvidFX effects in saved Avid projects and the effects are promoted to Green Dot (RT) effects
  • RED 5.5 can now be launched through Avid in "Show Browser Only" mode
  • Text Tool in Composite window has been re-implemented on Mac for all supported hosts.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Setting Comp Window Scale to “Fit” or “Stretch” is now remembered on next launch
  • Improved Wacom Tablet Support
  • Wacom Driver Version 6.3.7 –
  • RED pens now support 2048 levels of pressure.
  • RED no longer crashes when using Paint with Wacom Tablet with driver settings other than “adjust the pen pressure for compatibility with old applications that only support 1024 pressure levels.
  • Improved Image File Import
  • Still Images with “rotation tag” now rotate when imported into RED.
  • Still Image file with the rotation tag is no longer squeezed when imported in RED on Mac.
  • RED 5.5 on Windows no longer crashes when importing certain psd /Photoshop files.


  • RED 5.5 is a 64 bit-only release on both Mac and Win platforms. 32 bit hosts are still supported with RED v5.4



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